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We know that tracking and managing employees leaves as well as ADA accommodations is a time-consuming job that its important to your company and your employees. Compliance with FMLA, state laws and HIPAA rules is critical. Efficiency is essential. Finding the best absence tracking software can mean the difference between planning strategically and wasting hours each day.

AbsenceTracker manages employees leaves, including FMLA, short-term disability, and long-term disability as well as ADA accommodations. Our cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution was created by HR pros with decades of experience doing what you do every day: communicating with employees about their leaves, complying with state and federal rules and laws and handling case management.

With the AbsenceTracker platform, communication flows quickly and efficiently from you to employees. Easily configure workflow so the software does the tasks that matter. And once your daily tasks have been streamlined through AbsenceTracker we have the tools to allow you to really dig in to strategic goals such as evaluating employee leave analytics, including job assessment, excessive leave and risk profiles.

Key Features
Easy-to-use and configure daily case management tasks
Secure, cloud-based data storage
Provides compliance for FMLA and all state leave laws
Provides compliance for all federal and state military leaves
Provides HIPAA compliance
Automates all packets and communications
Concurrently tracks company policies
Calculates leave eligibility and entitlement
Provides real-time calculation of leave time used and time remaining
Automates workflow, tasks and reminders
Securely stores all correspondence and documentation electronically
Simple entry and upload of employee data
Provides deep analytics for employee leave including job assessments and risk profiles
Offers forensic reporting for more strategic leave analysis