What NYPFL? It’s all good….it’s not a thesis paper!

Remember your junior year when your English professor lectured about how to write a thesis paper. She assured you it’s complicated, but doable as you methodically define a statement, create structure, an abstract, Table of Contents, writing for an audieurpi3474jdi#……yup, just like that, you were hearing nothing more clearly than Mrs. Donovan’s voice…wah wah wah. Yes, Charlie Brown’s teacher’s name is Mrs. Donovan. Do you remember April of your junior year? NO!! Because you were feverishly researching how to write a thesis paper that should currently be in almost final draft mode, but you waited and still don’t even have a strong thesis statement!!!

Well, my friends, here we are again, only your assignment is New York PFL. “But, it’s only July!” you say. We have six whole months!! Let me rephrase that….you ONLY have six months!! Cancel your trip to Camp Okeechobee, because you have work to do. If you’ll hang in there with me, we are going to pick this thing apart together.

Good news: There are many similarities that you are already ready for. I’ll touch upon them briefly, but won’t waste your time.

Bad news: Some of the complicated aspects you may not see coming (like when your dad thought he’d be the ‘cool dad’ and showed up at prom…dressed like Sonny Crockett).

Did you know….

….you, as the employer may (but are not required) start collecting the employee contribution starting July 1, 2017…THAT’S TOMORROW, PEOPLE!!!!

….there is a cap on the amount of leave an employee receives in any 52 week period, even if they change employers?

….a part time employee, who does not meet the minimum requirements has to sign a waiver specifically requesting that their employer not deduct the PFL?

….if that part time employee who signed the waiver becomes eligible, not only may they not waive the contribution, but they now need to start paying it within 8 weeks of the change in schedule, including the retroactive amounts.

These are just a few of the components, but I can see you’re starting to glaze over. Go get yourself some coffee. I’ll be here when you get back.