New York PFL: Five Months Check-Up

New York Paid Family Leave has been in effect for five months.  In the words of Joey Tribbiani…How you doin?

Assuming you are either a private sector employer located in New York or have at least one person working in New York for any 30-day period within a calendar year, enough time has elapsed for you to at least take a look to see how it is going. Â Before I make you all squirrely on how things are going, there is good news.

The state of New York got wild and crazy by creating a user friendly web-site. No, really – just take a look:

Whether you are handling it internally or you chose to outsource, start with any components that you rushed at the end. Hey, I’m not judging, it was the holidays, you had other programs going live or transitioning. There are only so many hours in the day.   Â

Did you get around to updating your employee communication?

Does your workflow meet all of the requirements? Â

  • Who is completing the employer responsibility of the PFL-1, part B within your organization? Â
  • What is the process if an employee fails to pay their portion of health-care coverage premiums for greater than 30 days?
  • Would you know what to do if an employee requests a waiver?  Not everybody has that option, but it is up to you to know. Here’s a link to the form –

Is the process for collecting premiums deductions working correctly for all scenarios? Â

  • Does your payroll administration accurately take into consideration each individual employee’s wage when calculating the PFL rate?
  • How would your process handle an employee out on DBL, but not yet eligible for PFL?  {tip: you can’t collect PFL contributions}
  • Is there a confirmation if an employee is receiving total disability benefits due to a Workers’ Comp claim, voluntary fire fighters or ambulance worker’s benefit?  {tip:  the employee would not be eligible for PFL coverage}

No matter how things went as you launched the program, now is the time to do a pulse check, so they don’t rear up at year-end when you have an abundance of other issues calling for your attention. Â

OK! OK! OK!  I know….I’m taking up a lot of New York minutes here.  Stay tuned for our next chat. And have faith, because if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!