Paid Family Leave and the Election

Under the category of ‘Things that keep me up at night’, I’m trying to wrap my brain around the potential direction of family leave, maternity leave, paid, unpaid, federal changes, state and municipal changes, changes in the ACA, the Hyde Amendment; just to name a few. Let’s look at just one concept – Paid Family Leave at the federal level. How does your tomorrow change based on just the simple facts / differences listed below?

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Supports coverage for women and men.

  • Does your organization already offer this or will you need to augment your business plans?
  • Are you an employee who is about to get a bump in benefits?
 Supports absences for women only.

  • Are you an employer with a primarily female population or an all-male factory environment who just saved a bundle?
Supports reasons of pregnancy, surrogacy, and / or adoption.

  • How will you integrate this with existing paid leave plans?
 Supports only after childbirth

  • How is this going to impact existing disability plans? How do statutory mandates work here?
Coverage includes caring for a family member or the employee with a serious illness or injury.

  • What will it take to get your leave plans up to date….assuming they already are?
 No provisions for caring for family members with serious health conditions.

  • Is this something you already cover?
Funded through tax increases to the wealthy. Â Who would be taxed is not identified at this time; however, pledged not to raise taxes for anyone earning less than $250K/annually.

  • Who is the new kid who works in the payroll department….can we get him to do this?
 Administered through unemployment insurance program, funded by savings resulting from eliminating fraud, which is not a regenerating revenue source.

  • What happens next year when the fraud recovery budget doesn’t yield enough, do I have to cover it?
 Twelve weeks for all leave types.

  • Combined? Are there going to be restrictions? Will it cover intermittent or only continuous?
 Six weeks for maternity only.

  • When does the six weeks start?
 2/3rds of current wages, up to an identified ceiling.

  • Can employers offer an ‘equal to or greater than’ plan? Who do I call?
To receive ‘what would be paid to a laid-off employee’, which was 46% of their normal wage in 2014 and 2015.

  • Are you an employee who can’t fathom paying your bills with 46% of your salary?

Whether you are an employer, an administrator, or an employee, November 9th is going to start with a great deal of assessing how to try to be ready for tomorrow.