Manage employees’ leaves, including FMLA, short-term disability and long-term disability as well as ADA accommodations in one easy-to-use platform.

Short and Long-term Disability


Employees are an organization’s most valuable resource. But sometimes, they need to take a leave of absence due to injury or illness. When this happens, it’s important to manage this benefit accurately and efficiently for greater back-to-work outcomes.

A healthy return to work is the ultimate goal, so AbsenceTracker™ has created a thorough but automated case management process. Add strategic input by benchmarking “medical duration” to help employees get back to their jobs faster. Our Risk Profile tool helps employers analyze employee history to predict possible future disability incidents.

Designed to integrate into the entire AbsenceTracker™ product, our STD and LTD tool is easy to use and offers intuitive workflow configuration. Efficiently manage each leave with cost-effective software developed for HR professionals by former HR professionals (who understand your team’s day-to-day workload!)