How to Build a More Compliant FMLA Process

Your leave absence program is a foundation for your business. However, it can also be one of the weakest parts of your business. When your absence program is not optimized, your company is vulnerable to audits and lawsuits, but where do you start? In our latest ebook, we cover where to start implementation. Take a quick preview of our book before downloading it.


A transition to a progressive software solution is within your reach.


Whether this is a bit of an awakening for you, or you are more than fully aware, you may not realize the possibility that exists to shift from your homegrown system. A transition to a progressive software solution is within your reach. Note, if your immediate thought is a shift would be overwhelming, it is likely not where your expertise lies. Consider if a complete novice attempted to do your job for a day, they would not know where to start. Here is the first tip: Just having an initial conversation with a company that specializes in absence program transitions can significantly reduce your anxiety over this achievable goal.


Where to begin?


Where to begin and what to focus on are not inconsequential. Take solace in knowing that many large organizations – with as many as 50,000 lives – are still tracking absences with excel spreadsheets, remembering to check eligibility with post-it notes and depending on Google search for their compliance expertise. Here is how you should organize it today:

Compliance • Complexity • Consistency • Complaints • Cost • Configuration.


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