1. AbsenceSoft Doubles In Size and Increases Client Partnerships

    New Space and Faces AbsenceSoft has been thrilled to welcome 30 new hires in the last 3 months, effectively doubling the team and establishing critical mass in each key function. A lease on new office space has been signed, allowing for the company to establish a headquarters that will serve as a base for additional growth over time. Commensurate with this team growth, AbsenceSoft has signed numer…Read More

  2. Bow River Capital Software Growth Equity Fund Announces Majority Recapitalization of AbsenceSoft

    Bow River Capital 2019 Software Growth Equity Fund (“Bow River”) announced that it has completed a majority recapitalization of AbsenceSoft LLC (“AbsenceSoft”), a proven provider of software solutions to help employers more efficiently and cost-effectively manage FMLA, disability, ADA, and other forms of absence leave. AbsenceSoft’s current management team will continue to lead the organ…Read More

  3. AbsenceSoft Announces Risk Profile Product as Unique Industry Solution

    AbsenceSoft is set to announce an innovative new product today at the Disability Management Employers Coalition (DMEC) Annual Conference. The new offering, called Risk Profile, allows organizations to reduce absence durations, streamline administration, and improve employee satisfaction. Based on treatment and duration guidelines and ICD codes, this capability expands the AbsenceSoft product port…Read More

  4. AbsenceSoft Presents Accommodations and ADA Management

    AbsenceSoft Presents AbsenceTracker’s Easy-to-Use Tool to Manage Accommodations and ADA, Denver, CO, August 8, 2014 AbsenceSoft presents the latest AbsenceTracker feature – accommodations management. Building on AbsenceTracker’s powerful FMLA and leave of absence management capabilities, the accommodations management tool provides users with all the critical support needed to manage accommod…Read More

  5. AbsenceSoft Presents AbsenceTracker

    AbsenceSoft Presents AbsenceTracker – Easy-to-Use FMLA and LOA Management Software Denver, CO, July 1, 2014 AbsenceSoft proudly presents AbsenceTracker™, the latest evolution in FMLA and Leave of Absence (LOA) management software. Designed with the administrator in mind, AbsenceTracker provides companies of all sizes with the tools they need to efficiently, compliantly and cost-effectively man…Read More