1. Seriously? The Series, Episode 1 – DC FMLA

    Seriously? The Series, Episode 1 DC FMLA How many times have you researched an FMLA case or read an article about a leave law and found yourself thinking “SERIOUSLY?” Well, I couldn’t make this stuff up. An effort to capture everything that makes me raise an eyebrow would no longer be a blog, …Read More

  2. AbsenceSoft Presents Accommodations and ADA Management

    AbsenceSoft Presents AbsenceTracker’s Easy-to-Use Tool to Manage Accommodations and ADA, Denver, CO, August 8, 2014 AbsenceSoft presents the latest AbsenceTracker feature – accommodations management. Building on AbsenceTracker’s powerful FMLA and leave of absence management capabilities, the a…Read More

  3. AbsenceSoft Presents AbsenceTracker

    AbsenceSoft Presents AbsenceTracker – Easy-to-Use FMLA and LOA Management Software Denver, CO, July 1, 2014 AbsenceSoft proudly presents AbsenceTracker™, the latest evolution in FMLA and Leave of Absence (LOA) management software. Designed with the administrator in mind, AbsenceTracker provides …Read More