1. Seriously? – FMLA & the Holiday Season

    Seriously? A FMLA Series, Episode 5 by Carla O'Sullivan FMLA & the Holiday Season A.K.A. Absence Management, Authored by Ebenezer Scrooge There are two reactions to hearing the first holiday music of the season….your heart filling with warmth and joy or an ominous sense of dread and fear!! If …Read More

  2. Seriously? – FMLA for the flu?

    Seriously? An FMLA Series, Episode 4 The Flu…May or May Not Qualify Ebola…Always Qualifies     Anybody who has asked me for FMLA guidance on a sticky case knows that my response almost always includes two phrases: “It depends” and “Stop looking at the diagnosis and get back to the basics…Read More

  3. Seriously? – FMLA for Telecommuters

    Seriously? An FMLA Series, Episode 3 Telecommuting – FMLA for WFH! WTH? – Part 2 Do you have even one employee who telecommutes part-time or full-time, or occasionally logs on from home, at night, when they’re sick, or when they are home for the day because their kid got whatever virus is bein…Read More

  4. Seriously? – Telecommuting FMLA for WFH! WTH?

    Seriously? An FMLA Series, Episode 2 Telecommuting FMLA for WFH! WTH?   The meaning of ‘work place’ is changing faster than the landscape of social media. According to Forbes and WSJ, an estimated 30 million employees work from home some fraction of the time, with at least 10% of those neve…Read More

  5. Seriously? The Series, Episode 1 – DC FMLA

    Seriously? The Series, Episode 1 DC FMLA How many times have you researched an FMLA case or read an article about a leave law and found yourself thinking “SERIOUSLY?” Well, I couldn’t make this stuff up. An effort to capture everything that makes me raise an eyebrow would no longer be a blog, …Read More

  6. AbsenceSoft Presents Accommodations and ADA Management

    AbsenceSoft Presents AbsenceTracker’s Easy-to-Use Tool to Manage Accommodations and ADA, Denver, CO, August 8, 2014 AbsenceSoft presents the latest AbsenceTracker feature – accommodations management. Building on AbsenceTracker’s powerful FMLA and leave of absence management capabilities, the a…Read More

  7. AbsenceSoft Presents AbsenceTracker

    AbsenceSoft Presents AbsenceTracker – Easy-to-Use FMLA and LOA Management Software Denver, CO, July 1, 2014 AbsenceSoft proudly presents AbsenceTracker™, the latest evolution in FMLA and Leave of Absence (LOA) management software. Designed with the administrator in mind, AbsenceTracker provides …Read More