ABC’s of Leave Management – B is for Behavioral Health

B: Behavioral Health:

If you are in this industry, this topic is not new. It is no longer taboo to discuss and it is no longer just talking about traditional “mental illnesses”, but the much larger well-being of your employees. I will even be so bold to say, if you are not giving it attention, you are doing your company and yourself a disservice. When we have the time to peruse the journals and surveys, we see it everywhere: the effect of mental, nervous and behavioral health issues on the workforce is significant. Here’s an area to really pay attention to. Let me ask you, how are your supervisors and more senior leaders trained? How frequently do they receive training (hint: your answer should be ‘upon hire and annually’). Does the training include coaching in recognizing and dealing with these issues at work? Don’t do this alone. You pay your EAP or other Wellness teams or vendors for a reason and they have the support for getting this training integrated into your overall HR strategy. When an employee is struggling at home, they’re struggling at work, and you have an opportunity to help them and make a difference to the organization. Win-Win….it’s that simple.  Â