1. ABC’s:  H is for Holiday

    ♫♪ Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays ♫♪ ♫♪ ‘cuz no matter how far away you roam ♪♫ ♫♪ H.R. will deduct time from your FMLA ♪♫ ♫♪ whether you have shingles or Harrison syndrome! ♪♫ No…seriously, I couldn’t make this stuff up.  OK, I did make up those last two lines, but it’s still a true story.  The holidays are neither simple, nor intuitive…Read More

  2. Simple…Not Simple:  When to Re-Check Eligibility?

    A couple of weeks ago we started a “B2B” (Back-2-Basics) series, because there will always be somebody new to this industry.  We can’t let all the new kids have the fun! To give you FMLA / Leave junkies a little reading material, we are also going to run a series called “Simple, NOT Simple” where I will take a concept that you initially think is simple (after all you are the one donning…Read More

  3. B2B – 2:  Employee’s – Who is covered under the FMLA?

    Noun | em·ploy·ee | im-plȯ(i)-ē Let’s chat.  This “Back to Basics” series was intended to cover the 101 type stuff.  There is always somebody new to this industry or this topic and they need info too.  I’m rediscovering what I’ve always reminded others - that every question asked in this FMLA / ADA / Leave management world will generally start with “It depends…”  Whether yo…Read More

  4. ADA:  What Triggers The Interactive Process?

    “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”  A quote by Scott Hamilton, that apparently did wonders for winning a gold medal in figure skating.  Unfortunately, HR Managers can’t trigger the ‘Interactive Process’ for every bad attitude. Although, some bad attitudes might actually qualify as a trigger. What is the initial trigger for the ADA machine to start chugging along is the qu…Read More

  5. ABC’s: G is for Group Health Plans

    Let’s face it, absence management’s most overused titles or expressions in a presentation or write-up is “The ABC’s of..” or “Alphabet Soup”.  But like any parent who has a 4 year old and can’t believe it when they actually say “There’s no need to cry over spilt milk”, some things work.  So we are continuing on with the ABC’s of FMLA and Leave. In case you want to get cau…Read More

  6. B2B – 1: Employer’s – Who is covered?

    To Act or Not to Act, That Is the Question Anybody who has spent any time at all with the FMLA can appreciate that much of it has been written with about as much clarity as a play written in 1601, but we are here to break it down in our Back-to-Basics series (B2B). As an employer, are you required to follow the Family and Medical Leave Act?  Are you sure about your answer? Let’s identify the th…Read More

  7. New York PFL: Five Months Check-Up

    New York Paid Family Leave has been in effect for five months.  In the words of Joey Tribbiani…How you doin? Assuming you are either a private sector employer located in New York or have at least one person working in New York for any 30-day period within a calendar year, enough time has elapsed for you to at least take a look to see how it is going.  Before I make you all squirrely on how thi…Read More

  8. When an Accommodation Becomes an Accommodation!

    Wait…what? Have you ever had an employee who needs an accommodation at work? Of course you have. You’re a good employer who knows that it is not only the law, but it’s actually far less expensive to put a few accommodations in place than to go through the expense of a new hire. Let’s chat about what you’ve done so far. You received an indication that an employee has a medical condition t…Read More

  9. NYPFL: Part Time Employees

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A guy walks into a bar and all the employees are gone. End of joke. OK, not particularly funny, but for those employers who employ a lot of part-time employees who have other part-time gigs, this is a concern. What if my employee has a sick family member? The regulation specifically says that an employee doesn’t HAVE to take their NY PFL from all of their empl…Read More

  10. 5, 18, and 30. Crucial Numbers for NYPFL

    As they say, timing is everything. When it comes to NY PFL, there are three magic numbers – 5, 18 and 30! · 5: If documentation for a request for NY PFL is incomplete, you have 5 BUSINESS days to inform the employee of what is missing. Remember, that must be accompanied by a complete list of what is missing and an explanation of how to complete the information. Note that 5 days is also relevant…Read More