1. NYPFL: Part Time Employees

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A guy walks into a bar and all the employees are gone. End of joke. OK, not particularly funny, but for those employers who employ a lot of part-time employees who have other part-time gigs, this is a concern. What if my employee has a sick family member? The regulation specifically says that an employee doesn’t HAVE to take their NY PFL from all of their empl…Read More

  2. 5, 18, and 30. Crucial Numbers for NYPFL

    As they say, timing is everything. When it comes to NY PFL, there are three magic numbers – 5, 18 and 30! · 5: If documentation for a request for NY PFL is incomplete, you have 5 BUSINESS days to inform the employee of what is missing. Remember, that must be accompanied by a complete list of what is missing and an explanation of how to complete the information. Note that 5 days is also relevant…Read More

  3. Family Leave Reimbursement: What You Need to Know

    So you are an empathetic employer and you know employees only receiving 50% of their average wage will be hard, so you want to let them use their PTO at full pay instead. But you’re thinking “Ugh, but now I’m footing the bill!” Not so fast, there’s good news here, but you need to get your ducks in a row! You can get reimbursement from your insurance carrier for the portion that would hav…Read More

  4. NYPFL doesn’t concern me, right? Wrong.

    “But I don’t have any offices in New York, so I really wish all the blogs weren’t just about NYPFL!!” Well, do you have any employees working from home….IN NEW YORK?!! If you said “Yes”, undelete all those blogs on NYPFL, because you have some reading to do. Take a look at New York Paid Family Leave Employers . Specifically, go to the “Insurance Coverage” tab. There is a section …Read More

  5. NYPFL? FMLA? PTO? What’s in your best interest?

    Interesting little thought. Under NYPFL, if two employees work for the same employer, and both employees request bonding with a new child, the employer can deny that paid leave for one of the employees if it’s for the same period of time. However, an employer may not restrict simultaneous bonding under federal FMLA. Therefore, an employee may take it simultaneously anyway, get paid under the PTO…Read More

  6. Are you prepared for NYPFL in January?

    Remember our blog “NYPFL….it’s not a thesis paper” (http://www.absencesoft.com/nypfl1/ ), well, if it was a thesis paper, now is the time to start panicking if you’re not pretty close to ready. Let’s rock out a quick check list and then you can decide if you’re nervous.   My company has ordered mandatory poster to be displayed for employee access   My company has assessed existin…Read More

  7. Family Leave = Parental Leave….Yes?

    Remember when your geometry teacher explained a square is a rectangle, a rectangle is sometimes a square, they are always a polygon, but they are only regular polygons, not complex polygons.  That is kind of how it goes when opening a discussion about “Family & Medical Leave”, “Family Leave” and “Parental Leave.”  There is a whole host of rules that are ‘always’, ‘sometimes…Read More

  8. AbsenceSoft Announces Risk Profile Product as Unique Industry Solution

    AbsenceSoft is set to announce an innovative new product today at the Disability Management Employers Coalition (DMEC) Annual Conference. The new offering, called Risk Profile, allows organizations to reduce absence durations, streamline administration, and improve employee satisfaction. Based on treatment and duration guidelines and ICD codes, this capability expands the AbsenceSoft product port…Read More

  9. Reflecting about the Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC)

    As I was preparing my presentation for the 25th DMEC Annual Conference, I had a chance to reflect on the influence DMEC has had on me both personally and professionally for the 12+ years I’ve been a member. I first became involved with DMEC when attended my first DMEC Annual Conference as a tag-along to my boss who had been a long-time member.  I was new to the absence and disability world, hav…Read More

  10. What NYPFL? It’s all good….it’s not a thesis paper!

    Remember your junior year when your English professor lectured about how to write a thesis paper. She assured you it’s complicated, but doable as you methodically define a statement, create structure, an abstract, Table of Contents, writing for an audieurpi3474jdi#......yup, just like that, you were hearing nothing more clearly than Mrs. Donovan’s voice…wah wah wah. Yes, Charlie Brown’s te…Read More