1. Paid Family Leave and the Election

    Under the category of ‘Things that keep me up at night’, I’m trying to wrap my brain around the potential direction of family leave, maternity leave, paid, unpaid, federal changes, state and municipal changes, changes in the ACA, the Hyde Amendment; just to name a few. Let’s look at just one concept – Paid Family Leave at the federal level. How does your tomorrow change based on just th…Read More

  2. ABC’s of Leave Management – F is for Family (part 1)

    F: Family:  The old adage, you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family --- not true if you’re hanging with the Department of Labor. The DOL picked your family when they decided to name the Family & Medical Leave Act. Let’s break it down….Parent, Spouse, and Child. Simple enough. NOT! Here we go: Parents:  Biological, Step, Adoptive, and the ever popular In Loco Parentis…Read More

  3. ABC’s of Leave Management – E is for Eligibility

    E: Eligibility:  What makes someone eligible?  Not sure? Well, let me help you figure it out, because it is ALL YOU! The employee bears zero responsibility for knowing this part. It really boils down to three things:  Have they worked long enough for you?  Have they worked enough hours?  And this one can be tricky:  Do they work at, or report to a company location with 50 employees within a …Read More

  4. ABC’s of Leave Management – D is for Designation

    D: Designation:  OK, this one is technical.  We’ve covered it before, but it bears, umm, repeating!  Here’s the bottom line: if all the criteria are met (your employee is eligible; the health condition is serious and certified; they have time available; the relationship is qualifying), then you designate this absence.  Simply stated, to Designate is to Deduct time as FMLA.  Once you have …Read More

  5. ABC’s of Leave Management – C is for Communication

    C: Communication: “Location, location, location.” You think of that as a quote about real estate, but now you can think of it as a quote about when and where to have good communication practices! Before, during, and after -- Before you even hire somebody, you have to have proper communication of FMLA rights posted in the workplace. Before you take action, you have communication obligations. Du…Read More

  6. ABC’s of Leave Management – B is for Behavioral Health

    B: Behavioral Health: If you are in this industry, this topic is not new. It is no longer taboo to discuss and it is no longer just talking about traditional “mental illnesses”, but the much larger well-being of your employees. I will even be so bold to say, if you are not giving it attention, you are doing your company and yourself a disservice. When we have the time to peruse the journals an…Read More

  7. ABC’s of Leave Management – B is for Benefits

    B: Benefits: Pssst….guess what? When your employees take unpaid leaves, it often mean paychecks stop – and so might deductions for benefits such as medical coverage (and hint hint – keep an eye on evolving laws mandating paid leave).  The money stops, but what about the coverage? That coverage has to continue during that absence period, so here’s where it gets tricky.  If your employee t…Read More

  8. The ABC’s of Leave Management

    The world of FMLA, LOA and ADA is complex, so sometimes it's good to get back to basics.  Please join us over the next few weeks as we spend some time talking about the fundamentals, or the "ABC's" of absence management.  Starting with.... A:  Accommodations: Phase 1 Accommodations for employees are here to stay and requiring more attention. Your list of questions can be daunting. As Julie Andr…Read More

  9. DOL releases FMLA Employer Guide

    It goes without saying that nothing is more exciting than the release of new information about the FMLA! Hmmm…well, OK, maybe not for everybody, but certainly for all of us FMLA/ADA Absence Administration geeks hanging out here at the DMEC Compliance Conference. The new guide was designed to provide direction when weaving your way through some of the complicated and difficult to interpret secti…Read More

  10. Seriously? – Managing FMLA Abuse

    Seriously? A FMLA Series, Episode 12 by Carla O'Sullivan 1% = A Bad Investment   When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. OK, so maybe a little deep for the opening of an FMLA blog….but trust me, this is an important perspective.  Let’s first state the obvious. Your resources are not endless. You are working with what you have to meet the needs of the m…Read More