Our Mission

To help companies manage absences, easily, efficiently, compliantly and cost effectively with an easy to use FMLA tracking software.

Our Value

“Because absence management should be easy!”

Whether you manage 5 or 5,000 leaves per year, HR management software shouldn’t be difficult to use.

Our Vision

AbsenceSoft is new. There is nothing like our service for managing leaves of absence. Period. AbsenceSoft is a radically innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) provider with one simple goal – to create FMLA Software and absence management software that will blow your mind with how easy, and – dare we say it – fun it is to use. That may sound bold, but we are certain our solution will make managing leaves easy and compliant and your adminstrators will enjoy using it. How can we be so confident? Because we have been in the trenches. We are seasoned veterans in the management of systems specializing in FMLA and employee absence, and we used our personal experiences as the guide to create AbsenceTracker. We have decades of hands-on experience managing and implementing leave management processes and systems for big companies, little companies and everyone in between. We think you get the point. We know our stuff, and we knew there had to be a better way.

So we set-out with one simple goal, create the best absence management system possible. We built AbsenceTracker to help navigate the strict and often complex requirements of FMLA based on the lessons we have learned and our ideal hope that HR administrators do their day-to-day job easily and focus on the important, non-routine stuff. The result is an affordable system rooted in technology that maximizes compliance and minimizes risk. But that was not enough, so also made it easily scalable, cloud-based, predictive of our customers needs, and fun for the administrator to use.

Give it a try, did we mention it’s free with no commitment?

We build FMLA software that will amaze you and make it fun to do your job!

Try It Now

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